Helping everyone get more from mobile

We’re working to democratize the mobile economy for carriers, OEMs and app developers. Our groundbreaking mobile experience platform lets them add new revenue streams across a device, while giving their customers mobile experiences that are richer and more personal.

Our Values

    • We are inclusive.
    • Come with solutions, but be ready for help.
    • You don't have to know the answer, we will work it out together.
    • Shout about others successes so they don’t have to.
    • We are consistent and dependable for/to/with each other
    • We give everyone access to all the information, so we can make the best decisions
    • We lift the rug so that there are no surprises
    • We don't have customers, we have partners
    • Prioritise, prioritise, prioritise
    • Take time to organize your ideas, be concise when presenting both pluses and minuses
    • Present recommendations, not raw data
    • Appropriate information & context for the appropriate stakeholder/team
    • Coming with energy and enthusiasm
    • Treat new information as an opportunity not a hindrance
    • Embrace the fast paced environment we work in
    • We deliver and we are fun to be around
    • Plan, but expect change
    • A perceived setback could become a big opportunity
    • Sometimes you might stop something to start something better
    • Mistakes are a part of moving fast, we learn from them and improve

Join the future of mobile

Sliide is an ambitious, energetic team working to transform mobile. Our product lives on millions of phones around the world, and our entrepreneurial spirit welcomes fresh ideas. Want to contribute? Let’s talk.

Careers at Sliide
  • OE Ms 02

    For Carriers & OEMs

    Owning the device experience lets you present content that drives engagement, builds retention and boosts profits long after the phone is sold. Every tap, swipe and click adds to your insights.

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  • Devs 02

    For App Developers

    Sliide lets you occupy new real estate on the phone—and gain additional, incremental revenue in places you didn’t have access to before.

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